These are testimonies from way back in the day.. before Google.. when you had to actually ask the person to pleeeaaase write a review for you.. AND you had to type it in yourself! Many of my clients actually hand wrote on paper and gave it to me.. sure don't have that anymore, lol. Enjoy....

"Renee has a strong healing presence. She embodies the nurturing qualities of “compassion in action” which this world so much is in need of. While working closely with her, I have experienced and witnessed her loving kindness. Renee sees and describes spirit guides working around and with us. She has provided healthy support for the work which I do as a yoga teacher and teacher/practitioner of Thai Yoga Massage. Renee performed a Thai Massage on a friend of mine and facilitated deep transformative healing in a way that I can only describe as an “exorcism” all of us present felt healing release, and the client described a dark cloud lifting out of his body. She performed a Thai Massage on a client after which we actually could see a wholesome change in the client’s face. Hurray!" Anthony R. Conard Director of OM Yoga Studio and School of Thai Yoga Massage

Renee’s Note: Yes, it was amazing to see the grey cloud lifting from the client’s chest! That was a beautiful experience! The second client Anthony describes was so uptight prior to session.. I could feel their negative energy across the room! All I could do on this one was pray that God’s healing energy reach her. I had no idea how transformed she had become until her co-worker said in private that as long as she had known her she had never seen her relaxed, and that her face looked so calm!

“Renee called me on Thanksgiving day and told me to go to a doctor right away and not to wait. She asked if I had a headache. I told her yes I had a headache for a couple of weeks and I would go to the doctor soon. She said it was important that I not wait and go NOW even if it was Thanksgiving. I trust her and went to an Urgent Care since no offices were open on a holiday. They said my blood pressure was so high that if I had waited I could have had a stroke. Renee has some amazing gifts. She can calm you just by laying her hands on you. Just being around her is relaxing.” M.W. Esquire Florida

Renee’s note: “I will never forget this one! My guides told me, “Call M, he has to go to the doctor NOW!” I said to them, “It’s Thanksgiving! I will call him tomorrow, no doctors offices are open. How about if I pray for him?” They insisted and said, “Call him NOW and tell him to get to a doctor!” I could “feel” the urgency of the situation and could “see” in my mind that his head was hurting. I didn’t want to call someone on Thanksgiving and disturb their holiday, but my Guides wouldn’t give up! I was quite embarrassed to make that call, but glad I listened!”

“Renee is in touch with Spirit and it flows through her hands. Her bodywork helps reconnect you to your oneness and divine being.”J.H., Esquire Ohio

"My reading with Renee was very enlightening. She told me aspects about my behavior that she couldn’t have known. She even told me that I had moved residences in the past year and a half! A beautiful part of the reading was when she gently told me that she “saw” two people in my life who have passed. Renee then proceeded to describe my Father and Grandmother perfectly! That touched my heart indescribably that she could access them." C.N. Management Ohio

Renee’s note: C’s Father and Grandmother unexpectedly showed up! When I told her of the checked flannel shirt he had on, that brought her to tears. She said, “He always wore a flannel shirt!

"The comfort of Renee’s open heart throughout the session is very supporting. During the treatment, I was able to let go of the mundane world and allow myself to be one with the gentle movements and stretches. With each stretch I moved deeper into a place of total acceptance of myself and my soul’s journey to wholeness. I look forward to many more opportunities to experience Renee’s loving presence through Thai Yoga Massage." L.K., Harmony Farm Tipp City, Oh

"Massage is something that stimulates the body to get the blood flowing freely. It makes me sleepy when I get through, but my problem is I run my mouth too much! You need to drink plenty of water to flush the body. I found out that massage is making me drink more water than I used to. Renee is a great therapist!" E.C. Ohio

“I had been going through a terrible time in my life, I broke up with the man who I had a child with and my heart was hurting. Renee called me one day saying that her Guides told her to remind me of a pet rabbit that I had as a child (and Renee had no idea that I used to have a rabbit) She was right! I had TOTALLY forgot about it and it brought up feelings that correlated with my break up situation. The rabbit had wanted to be free and I knew I had to let it go and I would be better off, just like I would be better off letting go of my boyfriend. It was an amazing insight I would not have thought about and Renee and her Guides brought it to me. It was very helpful during a difficult time. Renee is a great friend and has insights into the Spirit World.” S.E., L.M.T. Ohio

Renee’s note: This is another one I didn’t want to follow through with. My Guides told me, “Tell S about the pet rabbit.” I said, “What?! What are you talking about?!” My mind is racing trying to get a “vision”, but nothing would come. They just repeated, “Tell S. about the pet rabbit.” I said, “Give me some more, that doesn’t make sense.” But they would give no more, and they wouldn’t let up until I called her. It sounded so far fetched to me, I thought S. would think I was crazy. But I should know to trust my Guides by now :) S. knew right away what I was talking about and was happy to get a message, knowing she was being watched over.”

“The most impressive thing about Renee’s reading is she explains everything about your astrology map up front, for instance what house your moon is in, which represents where your soul lies. She told me things about myself that no one could have ever known. Renee was right on with feelings I’ve had all my life. She answered all my questions and was calm and cool. She is also very easy to talk to and so very, very knowledgeable about astrology and life. There’s no doubt Renee is a Gifted person who has the ability to empower others. My reading was a Home Run!” Fredrick Ohio

“Renee offered a fascinating look into my inner nature, confirming my drives and struggles, and ultimately the path I’ve chosen to walk in life. I highly recommend her work for this insight.”J.H., Esquire Ohio

“Renee has told me many times that there is a guardian angel type of figure that follows me around and watches over my shoulder every time she comes to my work. She gives me a somewhat detailed description of this figure such as his hair color, what kind of clothes he wears, and how he follows me around. Since there is no other way to confirm what Renee can “see” but knowing her to be a kind and honest person, I find it very interesting and welcome the idea that I have a guardian angel around me. I did a Feng Shui adjustment for my office about three months ago without telling anyone. Renee called me two weeks afterwards and told me she had a vision of my office which told her there is a positive change of energy around my office. I waited long enough to see how things have changed for the better around my work to attest if my Feng Shui work is viable so I can attest for Renee’s special talent. And I feel comfortable to say that Renee has a very unique talent to connect with things most of us can’t.” Weili Huang Lic. Ac Dayton, Ohio

“I have known Renee for quite a while now and we have become good friends. She is very easy to talk to because she listens to you without judgement. I have never felt insecure or threatened in her presence but quite the opposite. She has the ability to ground you just by being near her. Her friendship is greatly appreciated and trusted.”Samir Dayton, Ohio