What is it you actually do? How can you help me?

I would say, basically I have the ability, to connect clients with their Soul.. that quiet peacefulness that we all crave, but have a hard time connecting with in this busy world. The Angels, Spirit Healers and Spirit Doctors are who does the work, so it is actually you and them co-creating the healing. And that feels so empowering to clients- knowing that their healing isn't something coming from an external source, but rather internally.. opening up a whole new world. Also the Angels, Spirit Healers and Spirit Doctors are very gentle, so they won't fling open that closet door that you have shut tight in your mind of things you want to forget. But the Angels, Spirit Healers and Spirit Doctors will address those things and you won't even realize it, until one day you marvel that you haven't had a panic attack in months (if that was common for you). And yes, Reiki Odyssey works on physical issues too. I've had many clients feel things rearranging inside them- even bones moving! Your own healing power with Spirit is amazing!

Do I need to disrobe, like in regular massage?

Not at all. All of my work done on the massage table or floor work, you are fully clothed. You will be under a comfortable blanket and the table is heated. Being covered with a blanket signals the brain to calm your system down. It's wired in us from infancy, when we were swaddled.