What this therapy does for you!

Hello, my name is Renee! Do you want your mind, body and soul to be integrated?

Radiant Energy Massage will take you to that level! I am a Licensed Massage Therapist specializing in Eastern Modalities that cultivate within you.. the peace, joy, and well being feeling that your soul craves.. as well as getting rid of physical pain!

Feeling Stress And Pressure?Do you feel disconnected on a soul level? My style of Reiki Odyssey along with prayer and meditation (that I do silently with every client), along with the help of Spirit Healers and Spirit Doctors, Guides and Angels, gives you the tools to open your spirit to your personal connection with God. Sometimes we all need a jump start! And you may get a bonus "reading" if the spirit world is in a talkative mood and wants to impart a message to you. The message may be about something personal to you- to help you with your growth, or it may be a deceased family member that comes through. When you work within the spirit realm, you never know what amazing insights you may come up with!

My uniqueness with your session is on an energetic soul level. I prescribe to the Eastern model of health rather than Western. In Eastern medicine the body, mind, and soul are not separate. When we have a health problem it affects our whole body, not just the area it is in. For example, if you have a sore foot you will limp. Then your body is off balance and tries to compensate, so more weight is on the other leg which goes up the back. Then your lower back hurts. Then you may start to get headaches because the tightness in the back goes all the way to the head. So a sore foot is not just a sore foot.

Also many health complaints can stem from emotions. In Eastern philosophy this is common knowledge. We in the U.S. are slowly catching up. Those emotional woundings over time manifest in all kinds of physical problems. Many of our physical problems disappear when we do the inner work to face what has wounded us in our lives.

My soulful sessions will allow you to relax into those places of yourself and do your healing. Some clients feel electricity from my hands, some feel heat, some feel cold, some feel nothing. Even if nothing is felt from my hands, the work is being done and you are taken on a wave, a soothing ride of healing to another realm. You will go to a meditative state and emerge with a new peacefulness. You may have intuitive visions that surprise you. I've had many clients to start exploring their own intuition after a session has opened them up to that possibility.

So what do I actually do? I would say, basically I have the ability, to connect clients with their Soul.. that quiet peacefulness that we all crave, but have a hard time connecting with in this busy world. The Angels, Spirit Healers and Spirit Doctors are who does the work, so it is actually you and them co-creating the healing. And that feels so empowering to clients- knowing that their healing isn't something coming from an external source, but rather internally.. opening up a whole new world. Also the Angels, Spirit Healers and Spirit Doctors are very gentle, so they won't fling open that closet door that you have shut tight in your mind of things you want to forget. But the Angels, Spirit Healers and Spirit Doctors will address those things and you won't even realize it, until one day you marvel that you haven't had a panic attack in months (if that was common for you). And yes, Reiki Odyssey works on physical issues too. I've had many clients feel things rearranging inside them- even bones moving! Your own healing power with Spirit is amazing! Wishing you good Qi!

Massage Therapy with a unique twist!

I am a licensed Massage Therapist specializing in Reiki Odyssey- this isn't your mother's Reiki! I work directly with the Angels and Spirit Healers & Spirit Doctors. So yes, those sore muscles get worked on by the Spirit Healers & Spirit Doctors! Reiki Odyssey also works deep on levels we can't even comprehend. Concentrates on the inner soul as well as physical problems. You will feel better after session! Services include, Reiki Odyssey, Chakra Balancing/Clearing, Tarot Card Readings, Soul Coaching, Spiritual House Clearing, Massage For Body & Soul, and Pet Reiki. All can be done by distance on Zoom- except massage. You want to feel better- let's do it!

My career in Massage started in 2004. I started out with traditional Swedish massage as taught in school. Then having Eastern medicine save my life, my preference is Eastern modalities rather than Western. I specialize in Reiki Odyssey (different than standard Reiki), Chakra Balancing/Clearing, Psychic Tarot Card Readings, and Spiritual House Clearing, Massage For Body & Soul, and Pet Reiki. Chakra Balancing/Clearing is like getting the oil changed in your car and the tires rotated- it gets your energy back on track! My business has transitioned to doing mostly online sessions because Covid has changed the way all of us do business. I didn't think sessions could be as effective as in person, but they are, and in some cases the distance sessions are MORE effective than in person.. because clients like that they can just drift off in the comfort of their own home and not have to get in their car and drive. So my services offer something for everyone!