Reiki Odyssey

Reiki is a laying on of the hands, a healing system from Japan. My lineage is from Mikao Usui and I am a Reiki Master Level 3. I believe Reiki is a most underutilized modality in private practice, yet it is standard in both Hospitals and Hospice that have Reiki Therapists on staff. It is used there because Reiki is so soothing, yet powerful for healing.

In a Reiki Odyssey session I will lay my hands on your head and shoulder area as you lay on the massage table, fully clothed, all cozy, under a blanket. I will do some scalp massage (working acupuncture points) during your session, and Reiki Odyssey will go exactly where it needs to go anywhere in the body. Reiki Odyssey gets to all levels and areas of your physical, etheric, spiritual, mental, intellectual, and emotional bodies. Reiki Odyssey has the higher intelligence than we do. Specifically where my Reiki Odyssey is different is that Angels, Spirit Healers and Spirit Doctors work through me, I am just the jumper cables..the facilitator- they do all the work. That is also why this style of Reiki Odyssey feels just as effective as massage! And so the feeling for you is that you are being taken on a spiritual journey. It allows those who are wanting a spiritual connection- this modality will allow that to happen. It's the closest I can get for people to experience what I experience with Spirit. It is your own Spiritual experience, YOU are connecting with Spirit.

It is more common than not, that clients experience that their body is literally being touched and/or moved by other hands- they think I am doing it, but I'm not.. it is the Angels, Spirit Healers and Spirit Doctors. Clients have felt their necks being stretched from side to side, abdominal work being done, their legs being manipulated, backs being adjusted. So yes, this style of Reiki Odyssey will address physical pain just like a massage. As well as healing the physical body, Reiki Odyssey also works on the etheric, spiritual, mental, intellectual, and emotional bodies- as mentioned above. One client said she felt so nurtured and loved, that someone was holding her and rocking her and she could feel her pain leaving the body. Spirit is amazing! ​

Reiki is also unique in that you can use it on yourself for self healing if you choose to study it. Reiki can also be used for prayer/distance healing.. meaning that I can send out Reiki energy to a person or situation anywhere in the world! You can even send it backward or forward in time! I do Self Reiki everyday, bless food with it, cleanse the energy in my home and office with Reiki, use it with prayer to "send" the healing energy. The uses are endless.. cover your loved ones with Reiki, your pets, electronics, your car, anything you can think of.

Reiki is Universal Life Energy that we all have, or in the medical settings, they call it BioEnergy that is documented in medical journals. Give Reiki Odyssey a try instead of your usual massage, you'll love it! As a Licensed Massage Therapist, I can attest to the efficacy of Reiki Odyssey! Reiki Odyssey is an upgrade! It gets to areas so deep and profound, that you or I can't even imagine!

-REIKI ODYSSEY PRICING- (Same fee for In-Person or Distance/Zoom)

1.0 HR- $85
​0.5 HR-$42.50

Chakra Balancing

Let’s test those chakras and get them communicating! The chakras store all our past emotional experiences as well as making sure the meridians are flowing freely. I will test each chakra before session- so you get immediate feedback on how each are flowing! You will also FEEL it during session! It is common for clients to feel changes in different areas of their body- such as if you have shoulder pain, or knee pain, etc. So yes, Chakra Balancing is just as effective as massage! You will feel fantastic after session! And yes, the Angels, Spirit Healers and Spirit Doctors are doing the Chakra Balancing just as they do the Reiki Odyssey sessions, as listed above- that's why this Chakra Balancing is so powerful on the physical level as well. Chakra Balancing is a hands off modality, yet so very effective! You are fully clothed, very cozy, covered with a blanket.

Looking at Chakra Balancing through a scientific medical lens.. the Chakras have been around for thousands of years. Just recently, they have been studied scientifically and they correspond directly to our medical nerve plexus'! Thousands of years ago, the nerve plexus' were unknown, yet ancient healers knew of these energy centers! ​The Chakra Balancing typically takes about a half hour, so with the testing, then balancing the Chakras, there may be a few minutes left in the hour session.. so I will finish the session with Reiki Odyssey if there is time left. Chakra Balancing is something you can do anytime- you can do it daily! Some people ask why they should get their Chakras balanced if they can do it themselves. Good question! I compare it to shampooing your hair.. yes, you can shampoo your hair yourself, but it sure feels darn good when someone else does it! Lol! Same with the Chakras!

-Chakra Balancing Pricing- (Same fee for In-Person or Distance/Zoom)

1.0 HR- $85

Tarot Reading

A Tarot Card Reading is a fantastic way to get your questions answered! Tarot is not scary. The cards are 78 scraps of paper with pictures on them. They do not set your future. YOU set your future. The cards give the CURRENT energy- where things are headed. If you want to change the outcome- change what you are doing. My style of reading is to give you information on what is going on and what is likely to happen if you choose the current route. You can check out my Instagram account for sample readings.

Many people want a reading, but don't have specific questions, (although they do have questions, but don't know how to formulate them) In these cases, I do a Life Reading. It is about all areas of your life.. You personally, your home life, work, relationship, and future. Clients are pleasantly shocked at how the Life Reading will answer those questions they have in their heads, but couldn't quite get out. This is typically an hour.

We can do a "Wheel Of The Year" reading. Starting at any month. Twelve cards, each representing one month. Gives a nice overview of your energy for the year. Typically, we can do that within a half hour.

For half hour sessions, I also do readings that just answer specific questions. For instance, "this or that" questions.. "What would happen if I took this job or stayed with my current job?", "What would happen if I stayed in the house I am in or bought a different house?", "Would my husband be ok if I decided to divorce him?" "What is my boss's intentions for this meeting?"

Sometimes clients want a quick "yes or no", without explanations. That would be your 15 minute session.

Tarot Card Readings are done on Zoom or Phone. In person readings are in Vandalia, and I also do gatherings at homes or business/office that want a reader for their guests.

-TAROT READING PRICING (Same fee for In-Person or Distance/Zoom)

1.0 HR- $85
0.5 HR- $42.50
15 MIN- $21.25

Soul Coaching

Soul Coaching allows you a safe container to express what is going on in your life, or spiritual experiences you've had, or anything that is on your mind (it doesn't have to be about spirit- any subject you want to go over is safe here!). But so many of us have had to "put aside" our spiritual gifts because they aren't yet mainstream in this present time society. Yet tamping your spiritual gifts doesn't make them go away. They are simmering underneath the surface, bubbling to get out, and you feel frustrated because you aren't feeling free and expressing your true self! We go over things that you can easily do in your day to day "householder" life. As we are considered householders.. meaning we don't have the advantage of nurturing our spiritual gifts by going off in the mountains and meditate all day. We have families and obligations. So we can connect with spirit by going about our usual day. This way you can feel satisfied and let your spiritual gifts out and flourish!!

-SOUL COACHING PRICING- (Same fee for In-Person or Distance/Zoom)

1.5 HRS- $127.50
1.0 HR- $85
0.5 HR- $42.50

Does your home keep having problems? Family members having arguments over seemingly nothing? Sinus? Colds? Flus? Joint aches? Tired? Yes, negative entities can be in the home! They can cause emotional and physical upsets, and disruptions in the home. They can drain you because they feed off of your energy. Not every problem or ailment is from entities, but if it is a pattern in your home of one thing after another, it probably needs cleared out. You will have a gut feeling that something isn't right. I know sometimes it can seem fun or harmless to interact with them, but they are feeding off your energy. It's not natural for them to be here.

Yes, you can clear them out yourself, and I highly recommend you do so on a regular basis.. every few months. I clear my home twice a day.. morning and evening.. because of the spiritual work I do. But if you don't want to clear your own space, or it feels like too much, I can undertake the clearing for you.

I will work remotely with Archangel Michael and other Archangels- and they clear them out!! Contact me, I will then email you an invoice to pay. Once that is paid, I will do the clearing remotely within two weeks- I don't need to come to your home. I can't specify the date and time, as the Angels just spring it on me! Out of the blue they say, "Sit down! Now!" as I feel a tornado vortex swirl around me. That is my cue that they are about ready to start work. I will call or text, or email you afterwards to let you know the angels have finished. Typically the client feels it when the clearing is happening.

Remote Spiritual Home Clearing Pricing


Remote Spiritual House Clearing

Massage For Body & Soul

Massage for the Soul as well as the Body. A style that mixes Massage, Reiki Odyssey, and some Thai Massage elements. To mindfully address the issues that are felt and even those on deeper levels you don’t feel.

We may get to the whole body, or not. Sometimes certain areas want more attention. Or, for example, you may want just feet and hands done. We can craft the session to what your Soul is craving.

-Massage Pricing
1.5 HR- $127.50
1.0 HR- $85
0.5HR- $42.50

Pet Reiki

Reiki for your pet can be a wonderful part of their medical treatment! I started out in the 1990's doing animal massage before I decided to work on people. Bodywork is so effective on animals! They don't have all the mental blockages that we have!

An amazing example is a Dalmatian I had that couldn't walk at nine years of age due to his spine fusing together. Three veterinarians told me to put him to sleep, that there was nothing they could do. I had a chiropractic treatment done on him and he walked out of the office! The chiropractor told me that he would hold his adjustments longer if I massaged him. I thought she was crazy! But I did it, and I noticed that he would start to come to me when he was in pain and turn his body towards me the area he wanted worked on! He lived five more years after the vets said he couldn't be helped! ​

Then I went to animal massage school and after that decided to get licensed to work on people too! I have worked on a pygmy goat and a dog that was half wolf. Sometimes the animals will communicate with me telepathically. That was quite a shock when it first happened! One time I went into a friends house who had no idea what I did with animals. The dog came up to me and positioned his side against my leg where he was hurting and he "told" me clear as day that his owner played too hard with him! I also told the owner to take his dog to the vet right away as there is something very wrong with his stomach. The owner then told me the dog had been having trouble eating. He took him to the vet the next day and they had to put a feeding tube in as the dog had a rare disorder and couldn't digest food properly!

My work with animals has evolved into Reiki rather than massage. I have found that Reiki is just as effective as massage for animals and they love it! Animals "know" that you can do Reiki. So many times I've walked into people's houses (not for sessions), and their pet will walk right up to me and lean into my legs to get the Reiki Energy. The owners are astounded and say, "Look at that! He/she's never done that before! What is he/she doing?!" Then I explain they sensed the Reiki and are wanting treatment. Typically it's dogs that will do this, as cats know they invented Reiki, and we poor humans are doing our best to do Reiki as well as cats can. Lol. I have a cat who wouldn't let me give her Reiki for years. Finally I figured out to ask her to teach me- and now she comes to me asking for Reiki.. or rather is teaching me. Lol.

The fee for animal reiki is $85 plus tax for an hour, from the time I arrive at your location. Or $21.25 plus tax for each fifteen minutes. It is typically an hour, but sometimes animals take in the Reiki energy very quickly and are finished before the hour, and other animals are "Reiki junkies" and would take it in all day! Lol! I don't go over an hour unless there are special circumstances and you request longer time. There may also be a $10.00-$30.00 travel fee depending on where you are located.

Illness Comforts

Do You Have A Loved One Who Is Sick And They Need Some Comfort?

Sometimes in the busyness of caring for a family member, loved one, or friend who may or may not be in the passing phase... tension and stress is there.

I come to your location and sit with a comforting hand on the patient. I have a unique ability to be an instrument to calm your loved one. It is an unusual ability to connect with someone who is having ongoing physical illness. An etheric soul level connection.

Not affiliated with any organization, all my attention is with the patient. There is no charting or notes. Just energy and attention towards your family member or friend.

My experience with people in a hospital or home setting usually involves me sitting at their bedside with my hand or hands on them. The patient will usually comment that they feel an “electric” current from my hands or just a comfortable feeling.

I specialize in the time that the patient has had chronic sickness. Sometimes family members don’t feel comfortable around a sick person and I can ease that tension with my acceptance. I can feel the persons soul. My presence makes it easier for friends and family members to not be as afraid of the illness process's. I am that "outside" buffer.

An example: My friend called me out to the hospital to access her father, she wanted him to be well. The instant I touched his hand I knew he would pass in a few days. He wanted to die but his family wouldn’t talk about it. My presence was the bridge to allow them all to let him say he was dying. They were grateful for the few days to get the words of love they all wanted to share. My friend thanked me that they didn’t miss that precious time by “ignoring” he was dying.

In one example: My friends father was sick at home in bed with the flu (they thought). The moment I put my hand on him I knew he was dying. I said to take him to the hospital. They diagnosed cancer in advanced stage. If I took my hands off of him, he would call out for me. He said it helped him to relax. He and his family had me there up until the moment he died, as the family could see the difference in him if I took my hands off of him. It was an honor seeing his soul leave his body when he died.

Another example: my bedridden step mother, living an another state, was dying of cancer and I took off a week to be with her. When I put my hands on her feet she exclaimed, “What are you doing?! I can feel electricity going in my feet from your hands, up my legs, up my middle and out the top of my head! It feels so good! You are moving things inside of me! I feel it!” That week she actually got out of bed, showered herself, and requesting meals! She wouldn’t let me take my hands off of her. She said, “Something in your hands is magic, no one else can do what you do!”​

The above examples were of people in the passing phase- that doesn't have to be your loved one. Those were just extreme examples. Sometimes having that "outside person" of me beside your sick loved one, can give everyone fresh eyes and a new look at how fast they are truly recovering, and will be well soon!

Please call if you have any questions and would like some comfort at the bedside of your loved one. The fee for this service is $85 an hour from the time I arrive at your location.