Dead People As A Child

Seeing ghosts as a child is a trip! I had no one to guide me, it was very scary at first! Over the years I slowly learned how to navigate that world. Now I teach others!


8/19/20221 min read

Dead People As A Child. No, I am not afraid of deceased persons now.. But yea, childhood is a trip when Spirits are messing with you! My parents had no guidebook to deal with it or to teach me how to protect myself. So I learned to block it the best I could. And yes, there truly is good and evil out there! I don’t want to scare people, but we do need to protect ourselves. If you think about it, we protect ourselves from the physical everyday! We lock our doors, wear safety belts, use protective gear riding bikes, etc. If we protect our physical selves, why not our spiritual selves! Not everyone is “open” to this extent of spiritual energy, but if you are you must specifically ask for protection. When children have this ability they are like lighthouses or a porch light to the unseen! Everyone can see them! The child can even be in a crowded room and that “porch light” will shine to the unseen!Mostly as a child I “felt” the spirit world. As I’ve gotten older I can “see” and “hear” them too. I had Angels visit me as a little girl, and not so nice entities. I dreaded sleeping as that was a really “busy” time for them. Needless to say I had many “nightmares”. I’m sure it drove my parents crazy.