"Blow Out The Candles!" "Is The House On Fire?!"

Audibly hearing my spirit guides while running on the treadmill! Scared the crap out of me at first, as they yelled loudly for me to blow out the candles!


8/18/20221 min read

"Blow Out The Candles!" "Is The House On Fire?!"One day I was at home running on the treadmill, happily listening to music. I like to get up early to workout before the sun rises. It is a wonderful peaceful time of day- the Spirit World is very close then. I don’t like to turn on lights when it is dark because it is very unnatural. Our bodies don’t like artificial light. But I need to see while running. :) So I would light about 5 or more tea lights. So I’m blissfully running along and very loudly I hear a voice with much urgency, “BLOW OUT THE CANDLES!” I about tripped on the treadmill, it scared me! I’m trying to look around quickly thinking, “Why? Is the house on fire?!” No, I see no fire. I hear again, “Blow out the candles!” By now I have figured out it is my Guides giving me a message, so I say, “Why? Is a fire going to start? The candles are fine.” So I tell myself this is very nice that they are trying to protect me.. I thank them and vow to be careful with the candles. But no, they aren’t giving up. “BLOW OUT THE CANDLES!”, I hear again. By now I think I better do what they say, so I blow out the candles.. wondering what that was all about. So I ask them, “What am I supposed to do? You know I like to light candles for light. I need to see to run.” I hear, “Beeswax”. I say, “What?! What the heck does beeswax have to do with candles?” They repeated again, “Beeswax”. I said, “Huh?”Still I’m not getting it. I had no idea there were beeswax candles! I knew they used them way back in the pioneer days before “better” candle material was made (I had no idea what modern candle material was, I just figured that was all there was. Never questioned it). So I did some research, and lo and behold.. paraffin candles are a by product of the petroleum industry and put out poison into the air!! Versus beeswax candles that are actually healthy for you and cleanse the air. Needless to say, I've switched to beeswax candles thanks to The Guides.