The Angel

An angel came to me as a child and spoke to me. I remember it so vividly all these years later! Yes, angels do speak to us in many ways!


8/19/20221 min read

The Angel. The most beautiful thing I remember as a little girl is a visit from an Angel. I was sitting on my bedroom floor one day looking at a little Bible I used to have. I loved looking at the ethereal pictures.. I heard clear as day, “One day you will work with your hands.” That was it. She was gone. I still don’t think I’ve totally grown into that healing directive, but I do love to put my hands on people if it is the right situation. Yet at the same time, I guard my hands as they are so sensitive! I can feel everything! I tend to curl my fingers in around my palms to protect them, and I will pick things up with the tip of my index finger and thumb to avoid absorbing the vibrations of the item! And I will rush to wash my hands after touching some people as I do absorb them. I have had people say to me over and over when I’ve touched them, “I can “feel something” coming from your hands!”