Trying To Describe What I Do

A little bit of how I work with the spirit world. I've been seeing and hearing spirit since I was a child. My goal is to have others enjoy the same experience!


8/19/20221 min read

What Do You Do?I cannot explain it. I have always had the ability to be “hooked up” to the Spirit World. Many people don’t want to believe the air around us and the “other world” is full of unseen activity! I grew up Christian and tried with all my might to stop the interactions with spirit, because “mainstream Christianity” has no place for people like me. I’ve been prayed on, prayed over, prayed to, prayed about, “exorcised”, you name it! After decades of doubting myself I finally came to the realization that there is so much more that we are not aware of and we cannot put God in our little human boxes. It actually makes me laugh now to think about it! The Angels I have seen and a bit of the Glory of the Other Side... we have NO idea! Now I am honored and humbled to have this ability. So what do I actually do? I think basically I have to ability, just by being around a person- to connect them with their Soul. Nothing has to be said or done. It just radiates. People are able to soak up the information effortlessly. What does that mean? It can cause them to act, change, or react just by being in my presence. I have a built-in experience of what others only conjecture about, and they take it with them to work in their own lives. It is nothing I have accomplished or labored for. I was born with the ability, this information. Others will go to great lengths to experience it. I have had Spiritual Warfare with a couple of powerful people who recognized and wanted to misuse this energy.