You Are Rearranging My Insides!

A dying woman's Reiki Odyssey experience. My step mother who didn't believe in Reiki. Hospice bedside vigil. You don't have to believe in this for it to work!

8/18/20225 min read

"You Are Rearranging My Insides!" ​What Will Reiki Odyssey Do For You? A Dying Woman’s Experience. Those of you reading this may already know the wonderful effects of bodywork- that it works on so many levels, and is difficult to explain all the benefits. I thought it would be enlightening to share my experience in working with someone who knew nothing about bodywork- nor cared about it, and how they responded. My stepmother Dorothy, who was 86 years old, lay dying from cervical cancer in a Hospice facility in Florida. Just eight months before, this awesome vibrant woman was doing Boot-camp workouts! Five days a week, the first thing she did was go to the YMCA to work out. She looked maybe 60! Even on the day she was scheduled to go to the doctor’s office to get the results of her tests, my Dad said she got out of bed and did some sit ups since she didn’t have time to work-out! When she was in her 20’s she was diagnosed with asthma, but instead of taking medicine she decided that exercise would be her medicine. And it certainly served her well! She kept her asthma in control without pills. My Dad called and said that Dorothy wanted to see me before she passed. So I took a week off work and flew to Florida. Having worked with Hospice patients I knew what to expect, but it was still shocking to see her as a thin frail woman, all her bones prominent, not eating and barely able to move herself. I told Dorothy and my Dad that the next six days were all hers and I would be at her side the whole time, except when I went to the house in the evening to sleep, allowing my Dad to get some much needed rest. I was sitting with Dorothy and she asked if I would hold her hand. I settled in next to her and took her hand and she said, “Your hands feel so warm!” I explained that it was the Reiki energy, God’s energy, and sometimes it can feel cool too, it is all part of the work I do. She asked if I could feel it in my hands and I told her no. She said, “I don’t know what that is, but I like it!” Then my Spirit Guides told me to go to her feet. I asked Dorothy if it would be all right if I put my hands on her feet and she said that was fine. She was in a recliner, so I pulled my chair to her feet. She had socks on and a warm blanket. I put my hands on top of them. Within a few seconds she exclaimed, “What are you doing to me?!” Her thin weak voice was suddenly very loud and strong. I said calmly, “Nothing. My hands are just lying on your feet.” She said, “I can feel something coming out of your hands! It is like electricity! It is going up my legs, in my spine, and all the way through the top of my head!” I just smiled, as I was in a meditative relaxed state, knowing I was not doing the work, the Universal Energy was doing it all. I thought of the chakras, how they were being activated in her, but said nothing. So much was happening on the etheric level that we can’t even imagine! Dorothy was a very conservative mainstream Christian, and the esoteric had no place in her life.She was fairly shouting as she exclaimed again, “What ARE you doing to me?! What IS this?! She looked down at her abdomen and said excitedly, “You are making stuff MOVE around! Like my insides are being rearranged! I can feel it! It feels good!” In my heart I was grateful, but I also “knew” that this wasn’t a healing in the sense that she would be well. I knew she was dying and this was a special gift to her, a gift to allow her a few days to prepare for her final days. She said, “I can’t wait till your Father gets back and I can tell him! You are making me feel so good!” Then she said, “This has made me feel well enough to sleep. I am going to nap, but don’t take your hands away!”Thus started the next six days of her turn around, going almost instantly from being totally bedridden, unable to turn herself or eat, to getting out of bed and wanting to shower and go outside! She began asking for and eating a great deal of food. All the while she wanted my hands on her. The staff would come in and stop suddenly- they could feel something in the air. They would comment, “Something very special is going on here.” “You are a healer aren’t you?” “Is this the work you do?” A lady who played the harp for patients came in and said, “I have been doing this for years, and I have never felt such a spiritual calmness before. I don’t want to leave this room!” Even her doctor came in and said, “I don’t know what you are doing, but this is amazing!” I barely moved or spoke for the six days, nothing needed to be said, I was on another plane. I could feel energy being radiated out to Dorothy. It was such an honor to be a part of what was happening. She improved so much that Hospice told Dorothy she had to be discharged from their care. The doctor and I discussed that this was probably that period that some terminally patients have where they are fine for a few days and then pass quickly. Dorothy was glad that she would be able to die in her own house. Dad and I prepared the hospital bed for her at home and bought her a beautiful pink fluffy blanket, her favorite color. We added fresh alstroemeria flowers that she always had in the house and I put them in her favorite vase on the table where she could enjoy from her bed. My Dad was so grateful for the time he had when Dorothy rallied back. I didn’t want to leave, but knew I had to get back to work. I also knew she would go downhill when I left, it was her time. God had truly given Dorothy and Dad a gift. Their love for the past ten years was beautiful to watch. They were love birds, both having lost spouses, they knew the value of cherishing the person you are with. Even at home if Dad walked by Dorothy in the house, he always reached out and touched her…she passed within two weeks of being home.I tell you this story not to say your Reiki Odyssey experience will be the same, but to show you how powerful and healing touch can be. It may not heal you in the way you want, but you WILL experience healing on some level. Oh, by the way… the pink blanket… my Dad brought it to me from Florida, wrapped in a beautiful bow along with a stunning necklace they had made from her wedding rings… three diamonds together. They had both planned it before she passed. I treasure the love and thoughtfulness along with the fresh alstroemeria I now have on my own table every week. I think Dorothy would like that.